Middle managers

So this poem is a timely something which I knocked up to try to examine our roles in the climate disaster which is engulfing our planet. I use the extended metaphor of the middle manager – someone who has to carry the can for the unpopular decisions further up the chain which affect those further down the chain (i.e. much of the developing world) but who feels powerless to make changes to the overall strategic direction.

Once again, here is me reading it.

Middle managers

unravelling nautilus
dreaming abstract alternatives to wheels

it gives me pleasure to tell you that in the third quarter we performed
better than expected

as per the specification, we prepared a variety of different media
for a broad audience

bags of razor-sharp shells
to be passed round the blindfolded board members

bruised strings deliberately stretched over
the wrong resonator

for the sake of the sustained growth of this unit
I have a message and mark it well

for every future which is removed
I dock you 10 points

I tells ye this and I tells ye this for free
I like not the way it augurs

I fear the lack of indicators
when the dirt takes over

the untended lamp-posts
the looted hedgerows

collapsed options
an elective funnel


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